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Creating an Amazing Marketing Plan Step 1

by: Jon Cadieux on

Step #1: Look Inward

Start out by making lists that identify your companies:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Goals

I recommend just jotting them down as they pop into your head, in no particular order. Now, take these lists and prioritize, start with the most important.  Remember this is your list, so put down what you think is important and not what you think should be, or what someone else thinks is important. Now, if you have more than one person involved in your company or management team, have them come up with their own list. Afterword, compare and discuss. It's important for each team member to be able to state their reasoning and have it heard by the other team members.

Now take the bottom few items and kick them off the list.


Seek input from others. You will benefit greatly if you seek input from all members of your team. You will find that your team can offer a different perspective on something; maybe they view something as negative where you view it as positive. This is a great way to bring your team together. Consider including non-management personnel, you may be surprised on the ideas and perspective you get from them.

You now have some great items that will help you to develop an amazing marketing plan.

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