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3 Easy Tips To Jazz Up Your Online Brand

by: Jon Cadieux on

It's a new year and time to get your ship in order. A simple way to puts some new energy in your online brand is to jazz up your social media pages. Whether it's Facebook, Google+ or Twitter you can easily put some new life into what may have become a bit stale by following these few steps.

  1. Change out the cover images. Use a tool like Canva.com to easily create new and exciting artwork that conveys a message to your audience.
  2. Use high quality images. Remember, it's your brand. If you want your brand to be shabby then use blurry, fuzzy, unrelated or just bad images. If you want your brand to be professional and respected then take time to select clean, high quality images.
  3. Complete your profile on each social media site. Facebook and Google+ both offer quite a bit of room to write about your business. Don't get too carried away; keep it short, sweet and to the point. Make sure you include: products/services offered, how your business is different, and by all means make it easy for potential customers to contact you by clearly posting phone number and/or email addresses.
Use the above tips to grab a viewers attention. Make it clear what you do and why they should follow your business on social media. 

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